Monday, January 28, 2008

Fever :(

Back to the hospital...

Nathan woke up this morning at 4:45 with a fever of 101.2, anything over 100.4 the doctors have told us to call the after-hours line and pack a bag because we would be going to the hospital to be admitted. April left about 5:30 with him, I had to stay home to get Caleb to school. They took a blood sample to run cultures on and told April if the cultures come back positive, he will be in the hospital for 10 days! We are parying they come back negative, but he will be in there for 2 days regardless and possibly longer even if they do come back negative. He also lost more weight, so we are waiting to hear what they want to do about that. It could be as simple as supplementing with formula, but it could also mean a feeding tube :(. The poor guy also has a yeast infection that has caused a horrible diaper rash, so everytime we change his diaper he screams bloody murder. The doctor told us that yeast infections were common in with chemo and that he could develop thrush as well (yeast based too).

Not the way we wanted to start the week, but we pray he will be able to come home Wednesday and greet his Grammy Gormley at home instead of the hospital when she arrives from Maine that night. :)

I will post updates throughout the day as we are updated.

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