Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Hospital Still

Hello everyone!

We are still in the hospital today but should be going home tomorrow. Yesterday Nathan's blood count was on the low side and he was running a fever of 100.9 when we left home. They admitted him and took blood to run cultures to make sure that he had no active bacteria. They then started antibiotics as a precautionary measure. His temperature was in the 99's most of the day yesterday and hasn't been above 98.7 today. His blood count is up today & he is doing really well. He is eating and resting like any newborn would. They are going to keep him over night just to make sure that the cultures do not show anything active, but we should be home tomorrow.

The plan is to be released from the hospital tomorrow & then go to the clinic on Thursday for his outpatient chemo treatment. Next week he will be admitted back into the hospital on Monday for his 2nd round of Chemo. He will be in from Monday until Thursday.

Thank you all for your prayers, thoughts and support. It really means a lot to each one of us.

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