Sunday, January 20, 2008

Our Story So Far.

Hi All,

For those of you that don't know, Nathan Keith Kelly was born on Monday, January 7th at 10:18am, 8lbs, 7ozs and 20 inches long. He was born via C-Section as everytime April would have a contraction, Nathan's heartrate would drop and the doctors were concerned with letting that continue for however long her labor would last.

We were all set to go home on Wednesday the 9th when a pediatrician from the office of our pediatrician's came in and told us he found a lump in Nathan's abdomen and he wanted to send him down for an ultrasound to see what it was. A few hours latter we were informed that they found a mass in his liver and that a couple of doctors from the NICU were coming to talk to us. They took him to the NICU that afternoon and it was an excrutiating few days until Saturday the 12th we were given a preliminary diagnosis that he had hepatoblastoma (liver cancer). The next morning he went into the operating room to have a central line put in his chest so they could administer chemotherapy though it. That evening he was moved to a room on the pediatric floor of T.C. Thompson's Children Hospital and April was able to stay with him there while I stayed home at night with Caleb to get him to school during the week. On Tuesday the 15th his 3 day in hospital treatment started. We were able to take him home for the first time on Thursday the 17th. :) We have had to give him daily shots to help his bone marrow produce more white blood cells and rebound from the chemo. It is difficult, but he only crys for a second when given them now.

He has to go back to on Monday the 21st to get more blood drawn to see how his white and red blood cell and platelette counts are. Then this Thursday and next Thursday he will need to go in for out-patient chemo treatments. 

On Monday, February 4th he will need to go back into the hospital for 3 nights for 3 more days of chemo. That will be round 2. Once round 2 is done they will do another ultrasound to see how much the tumor has shrunk and if a 3rd round will be needed or if we go to Vanderbuilt for surgery to remove the remaining tumor at that point. Once the tumor is removed he will need to more rounds of chemo, and then we hope this will be done.

Thank you all for keeping Nathan and our family in your thoughts and prayers during this time and for the meals that have been brought to us in the hopital and at home. It is so wonderful to know everyone is pulling for Nathan!

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