Thursday, January 24, 2008

Out-Patient Chemo

Nathan had is first out-patient chemotherapy treatment today, they said he looked good but he had dropped 250 grams in weight again. They are a little concerned but not so much that we have to start supplementing formula right now. April has been breast feeding but we have noticed he eats much better if she pumps and he takes it from a bottle. The doctor did say that the breast feeding could be wearing him out (it's a lot of work for them) and he probably has less energy due to the chemo to begin with. Hopefully by Monday when we go back for blood tests he will have gained a little weight.

They did do a blood test today and his counts we a little low, but they expected that. This should be the low point and he should start climbing back up until the next round. It remians very important for us to keep him away from anyone with colds or anything that could expose him to an illness due to his weakened immune system. The doctor told us to not live in a bubble, but to be cautious with people seeing him (making sure they wash there hands and there noses aren't dripping at the time).

Good news though, after today's shot I only have to give him one more until the next round of chemo. I hate having to give those to him, he cries everytime and I feel so bad. :(

Thank you all again for your kind words and keeping Nathan in your thoughts and prayers.

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