Monday, January 21, 2008


We had our doctors appointment today and Nathan's blood counts are all good. They said the platlette counts were very good as well and showed we were giving him his shots correctly (thankfully). :)

We also met the mother of a child that was diagnosed with hepatoblastoma in November and he is doing very well. She met with the surgeon at Vanderbuilt last week and they are currently preparing for his 4th round of chemo. We just pray that Nathan does not have to go through this for that long. She did tell us the surgeon there said that he has been doing this for 30 years and he has only had 28 cases of hepatoblastoma and right now T.C. Thompson's is treating 3 cases!! We also have heard about another child in Maine that is going through this as well. For 11 cases out of a million births, it is surprising we have heard of this many.

Nathan goes back on Thursday for his next chemo treatment and they will check his blood counts again then. His weight has gone down a bit, so we also are praying that it stabilizes (or increases) so we can be sure he is getting all the nutrients he needs.

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