Thursday, February 7, 2008

A few more days at home (again).

Hi All, 

We went back to the hospital today expecting to be admitted for the weekend, but his blood counts were too high again today. We will try again Monday. :) The doctor told us they don't do the chemo when his blood counts are so high because it can damage his healthy stem cells. That sheds a little more light onto the situation for us as we were really unsure the reasoning behind it. 

We did get some good new today however. The nurse practitioner said she could tell us without a scan that his tumor has shrunk. She said when he first came in his liver was very prominent in his abdomen and now she had to push down pretty far and up to even feel his liver. We are very happy to hear this and hope it means they will be able to do the surgery after the 2nd round of chemo. The doctor did say the scan will be moved from the 18th to the 25th to give the tumor the maximum amount of time before being rescanned. Then the following week we will probably be going to Nashville to meet with the surgeon to see if the tumor is operable then or if he will need more chemo.

Oh, and happy 1 month birthday to Nathan, it seems like he has been here for so much longer it is hard to believe it has only been one month since he was born.

Thank you all for your continued prayers and support.

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