Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Back to the hospital.

Good Afternoon Everyone,

Nathan woke up this morning with a temperature. After trying to wait for it to go down, we decided to call the clinic to see what we should do, and they wanted to see him. When we got there his temperature was normal and he was acting like himself again. They took blood for cultures to make sure he doesn't have an infection and they will not know anything about that for 24-48 hours. They also did a CBC and his hemoglobin was low so they said that he needs a blood transfusion. Matt is currently at the hospital with him waiting to be admitted and for them to start the transfusion. Apparently this is perfectly normal for a chemo patient to have to have a blood transfusion and we are lucky (blessed) that we made it this long without him having to have one.

We are praying that he stays fever free all night and that his blood counts come up so we will be home tomorrow afternoon to greet his Grampy & Grammy Kelly and Aunt Amber. Grampy Kelly will be playing in the softball tournament this weekend as well, so we are hopeful that Nathan will be able to go watch him play. The doctor told us that we could go home if he was fever free and his counts are up, so we are trusting God that this will be taken care of.

Please continue to pray for Nathan as he goes through this. I will update again later tonight or tomorrow.


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