Thursday, March 6, 2008

Round 3? Not so fast.

Good Evening Everyone,

We went to the clinic today for Nathan to be admitted to the hospital for his 3rd round of chemo. They took blood from his arm to check his blood counts and his Alpha Fetoprotein again. They missed the vein the first time they stuck him, so he had to be stuck twice. :( The doctor says that he looks great and is growing really well.  

His counts came back too low to be admitted for chemo. We go back on Monday, but the nurse practitioner doesn't think that his counts will be up high enough by Monday to be admitted, so we are waiting for his counts to be where they are supposed to be before this next round. They told us to watch for a fever and if he spiked a fever to call them and we would be admitted into the hospital. We are praying that he doesn't get a fever and stays healthy since his counts are so low. She did tell me that it is possible for him to run a fever but it is nothing to worry about. We will update you guys after Monday's doctor appointment.  

Caleb is enjoying his new school and is doing well there. He is having to adjust to being on a new schedule and in a new place, but he is really happy. He is getting to spend time with his Papaw and Uncle Luke, so I believe that is helping him with the changes. Nathan is doing well staying with his Papaw & I think that Papaw is enjoying it too.  

Thank you all for your continued prayers and support.

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