Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Date set to met with Surgeon.

Hi Everyone,

Sorry that I haven't sent out an update lately. We have been extremely busy. Nathan went to the clinic yesterday for his out-patient chemo and to have his blood counts checked. His counts were okay and everything looked good. He didn't have a great week last week, because he was still dealing with post-chemo nausea and other symptoms from the chemo. They actually had to give him Ativan this time to help with the nausea (it relaxes him and helps him sleep). He seems to be doing a bit better now, still throwing up some, but it is possible that he could have reflux. They are going to speak with the GI doctor tomorrow about this. He lost back down to 9 lbs 2 oz, but hopefully his eating will pick back up soon. 

We still go to Vanderbilt next Monday for CT scans and to meet with the surgeon. We will not know if he is ready for surgery until probably Tuesday, but the surgeon will at least be able to answer all of our questions then. He should call us and let us know once he reviews the scans. We are believing that we are going to get wonderful news then!

Thank you all for your continued prayers and support. We will continue to keep you all updated.

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