Monday, April 21, 2008

Dr. Lovvron meeting (Surgeon)

Hi Everyone,

We arrived home from Vanderbilt late yesterday afternoon. Nathan had a CT scan with sedation yesterday morning. The scan turned out beautiful but the radiologist wanted to get a better look so she personally did an ultrasound. The liver tissue and the tumor looked very similar on both the CT and the ultrasound.  

After the scans we went to meet with Dr. Lovvorn (the surgeon). He told us that the tumor at first glance looked re-sectable. Which means that they will be able to remove the right lobe of Nathan's liver (the part with the tumor in it). He has to wait on the final results from the radiologist before he makes his final decision though. He said that they may recommend another round of chemo before surgery or they may say it is re-sectable now. If he s ready to do the surgery it will be within the next week or two. Dr. Lovvorn told us that he would call us personally later this week with his decision.

As with any surgery there are many risks, but this cancer is only cured by removing part of the liver or by a liver transplant (which we do not want). We are now praying for Nathan's strength and safety through his surgery. We are also praying for the doctor and other medical staff that will be in the operating room with him.  

We go to the clinic today for his out-patient chemo. We will send out another update later today.  

Thanks for your continued prayers and support.

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