Thursday, June 12, 2008

A little smile.

Hi Everyone,

Nathan is doing so much better today, he is looking and acting a lot more like himself. He is smiling and talking a little bit today. :)  

They did a chest xray last night which came back clear. They also took for blood to test for infection. He was given Motrin to bring down his fever which worked all night, but when they checked it about an hour ago it was 100.5. After talking with the Resident and Surgeons, a fever is common after surgery on a liver. So, they are not too concerned about it the first few days. Dr. Lovvorn said that he looks great! They took the catheter and NG tube (tube draining his stomach) out this morning, so now he is down to 1 IV, his epidural, and feeding tube. We are hoping that each day gets better.  

We will send out another update soon.

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