Saturday, June 14, 2008

Maybe home tomorrow! :)

Hi Everyone,

Sorry we have not sent an update for the last couple of days. April and I have been living on minimal sleep. Nathan has been doing well, although he had a bit of a rough day yesteday. After being fussy and restless all day, an eveing nurse shifted his position a little bit and it seemed to help the epidural work a bit better and he rested comfortably for the rest of the night. They did take out most of his various tubes between Thursday and Friday. All his IV's (chest, arm, leg) were removed and they also took out the second tube in his nose that was draining his stomach. He was put back on his feeding tube yesterday and is now up to what we were feeding him prior to surgery. One of the surgeons came in a little while ago and took out his drain from his side, so the only thing he has now that he did not have before surgery his his epidural and that should be coming out tomorrow and he will go on oral medication for pain management.

The surgeon told me this afternoon that there is a possibility of us going home tomorrow (not getting our hopes up though) and more than likely by Monday. This is much quicker than we expected. Nathan is sleeping very soundly right now after a little bit of a fit from have the drain tube removed, but then he was given some Ativan to relax him. He is getting more nad more back to his happy self everyday.  

Thank you all for your support and prayers thoughout this past week (and months).

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