Friday, August 15, 2008

New Nathan update

Hi all!  It has been awhile since we have sent out an update so I felt we needed to let everyone know how everything is going. 
Nathan pulled his feeding tube out last week while we were in Maine.  He has since been eating well and each day he adds to the amount that he eats.  The doctor didn't want to put another feeding tube in him because he is eating some and he wants to give him a chance to eat on his own.  They told us he should be getting around 30 oz a day and as of tonight he is up to 29 plus baby food.  He now has a tooth and is sitting up on his own. 
We are still planning on having a celebration party for Nathan if any of you have any suggestions on a great place to have it.  We want to celebrate Nathan beating cancer & would love to have you all celebrate it with us. 
God bless all of you,
Matt, April, Caleb & Nathan

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