Friday, November 14, 2008

Nathan update & Cure Kids Cancer Radiothon

Good morning everyone,

We got another wonderful praise report to share with you all.  We got the results of Nathan's blood work from last week and his AFP (the level that was over 150,000 in January) is now only 6!!!  Anything under 10 is normal and some doctors told us he could be over a year old before we saw single digits!!!  Nathan now weighs 19 lbs and 9 oz and is an eating machine! 

Also, I wanted to mention to everyone that the TC Thompson Children's Hospital Oncology Clinic is having a Cure Kids Cancer Radiothon yeterday, today and tomorrow.  We were blessed to be able to speak on the radio last night and share a little bit of Nathan's story with everyone over the radio on both 92.3 and 96.5.  You can become a Cure Kids Cancer Club member for only $15.00 a month!  If you are interested in donating (any amount) please call 1-888-499-KIDS or go to  This will help the kids and parents out! 

Thank you and God bless,


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