Tuesday, January 13, 2009

One Year Ago

Hi everyone,

I hope the Lord is being wonderful to you in 2009! I was just sitting back thinking where our family was one year ago. Last Wednesday Nathan had his 1st Birthday! HAPPY BIRTHDAY NATHAN!!! On the 3rd he had his birthday party & made a mess with his very own cake. Pictures and a video will be up on the website soon! :) On January 9th it had been one year since Nathan was diagnosed with cancer, yesterday, the 12th, was one year since it was confirmed to be Hepatoblastoma and Thursday, the 15th, will be the day one year ago that Nathan started his very first chemo treatment. It is so hard to believe that it was only six months ago we were finishing up all of these treatments and surgeries. I still praise God and I am so thankful for everything that He has seen us through this past year, nothing is too big or hard for Him.  

Nathan's last appointment at the Oncology office was on the 5th of January and he weighed 22 lbs 3 oz and is now 29 inches tall! The little baby that weighed 9 lbs for almost 4 months is now a little chunker. :) He is crawling all over the place and trying really hard to walk and I am sure that he will be very soon. He has a CT scan scheduled for next Monday & his AFP (which was 150,000 at time of diagnosis) is now 7. According to the doctors, anything in the single digits is normal and we were told several months ago that he could be well over a year old before he got into single digits and he has been in single digits for at least 3 months! PRAISE GOD!!!

Other than a minor ear infection which makes him feel extremely crummy, Nathan is now a healthy normal 12 month old little boy! Thank you all for your prayers and support over the past year. Everyone showed so much love and generosity toward our family and I know that God saw all of that & I pray that He blesses all of you. I am so thankful for the help that we received from our family, staying with Nathan in the hospital some and taking care of Caleb when we were unable to be at home. You do not know how much that means to us. I can not sit here and name each person and each thing that I am thankful for (or it would take me a book) but you all know who you are and just know that we appreciate it all.  

Please continue to thank God for Nathan being cancer free and remember the families that are still going through treatments or families that have lost their loved ones.  

Love you all & God Bless!
April, Matt, Caleb & Nathan

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