Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Teething or what???

So Nathan has been running a bit of a fever off and on since Saturday. Over the weekend we just assumed that it was due to the shots that he had on Friday. He had a slight fever on Saturday but it went away and then he had a slight fever on Sunday afternoon but it went away as well. He was still pretty playful and acted a lot like himself except when he was ready for a nap. He was fine on Monday except for the really late nap that he took, but he was still happy, playful and acted like himself. Then, today BB called me from daycare and told me that Nathan had a fever so we had to go pick him up. Thirty minutes after we gave him Tylenol the fever was gone, however; he slept all afternoon. After he woke up from his nap he ate a really good dinner and was extremely playful. So what could this be, just teething? He is cutting his eye teeth which I have always heard to be really hard on babies.
Caleb is enjoying his spring break with his Pawpaw and then spending some time with his dad. The weather was great for him today and it appears that it is going to be pretty good for most of the week. I am sure that he is going to enjoy playing a little bit of football while he is with his dad. He has decided that he wants to play football in the fall so I am going to look into signing him up for Upward.
Please continue to pray for all the patients and families that are victims of childhood cancer. I know of two fairly new families in the Chattanooga area, though there could be more. Please pray for those families.
God Bless,

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