Monday, June 8, 2009

Caleb, Nathan and another baby.!

Hi Again Everyone,

I just wanted to give another update for all of you. We are all doing great and enjoying the summer.

Caleb will be advancing to the 2nd grade in the fall. I can not believe that Caleb is already 7 years old and just finished the 1st grade. It doesn’t seem like that long ago he came into this word. Man do they grow up fast. Anyways, he did wonderful on his report card and is going to make an awesome 2nd grader.  He is enjoying his summer off of school and is starting to read from his summer reading list.

Nathan had to go in today for CT scans and a visit with the doctor. We waited longer than I liked for his CT scan, especially with my hungry little boy. He loves to eat now so getting up at 7:30 and still waiting at 9:30 is a big deal for him. Once the scan was done and he had woken up, we went over to the Oncology Clinic to visit with one of the doctors. She said that he looked great and like a healthy little boy (which we already knew). She went to get his lab results from the last visit that we had and said that she was going to check for his CT scan results, which we figured wouldn’t be back yet. She came back and said that she had the results from his scan, that they had already been read. Praise the Lord his scans were perfect, they showed no signs of recurrence (which we already knew anyways). His AFP from his last visit 2-3 weeks ago was 3 and if you remember this was the number that was around 150,000 + when he was diagnosed. Normal is under 10 and it is in single digits, Praise the Lord again! We are so thankful for the healing of our little Nathan and know that God has HUGE plans in store for him.

Oh and another baby you say??? Well, we are expecting another baby due in January 2010, but we went to the doctor today and he said that since I had a C-Section with Nathan he preferred that I had one this time, which honestly I do not have a problem with. So, that being said, he schedules C-Sections at 38 weeks which would be around the 30th of December and he said that it was up to us if we wanted a 2009 or 2010 baby. It looks like this baby will be joining our family at the end of this year! We are praying for a healthy, happy baby this time, but thinking pink would be nice. :) LOL
I am feeling okay, just having quite a bit of morning sickness right now. I went to the doctor today and had an ultrasound and everything looks great and this baby has a strong heartbeat. I go back to the doctor on the 6th of July and will post another update about the baby then. :)

The Kelly Family

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Jeremiah and Stephenie said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!!! April and family, I am so very excited for all of you - for Caleb's good school report, Nathan's awesome results and for your new little one! We are expecting another little blessing the end of August. I pray your morning sickness doesn't last long and for a healthy pregnancy and new baby.

Stephenie (formerly Stef the Chef)