Sunday, June 14, 2009

Wonderful Birthday Weekend

Hi Everyone!
Well, I celebrated my birthday today. It is amazing that the older you get your birthday just seems like another day, but when you were a kid you were so excited for your birthday. Funny how things change isn't it. My husband and kids were so great to me this weekend. I got these great Willow Tree figurines from each of the kids that represent each one of them. :) We watched a couple of movies with the kids and spent some wonderful time together.

The kids are doing great. Caleb is enjoying the summer and Nathan is missing his brother when he isn't here. :( He walks around the house going, "Bubba? Bubba?". Poor little guy. He loves Caleb so much.

This pregnancy is a lot different than the last two have been. It seems like I have been feeling a lot sicker than I did with Caleb and Nathan. I have also been extremely tired and have no energy, but the baby is healthy!

Well, I didn't really have too much to say, I just wanted to do a quick update.

The Kelly Family

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Jeremiah and Stephenie said...

Happy Belated Birthday, April!

Being pregnant 6 times, I can assure you that each pregnancy is different. Praying for you.