Wednesday, June 9, 2010

It's the Middle of the Week

Good evening everyone,

We are enjoying a pretty good week so far. Work has been really busy (for April at least) since we were off last week.

I think Nathan is having a little bit of separation anxiety. He had a really hard time going back to daycare Monday morning. He screamed when we left him Monday morning, a lot of that had to do with him spending most of the previous week with us. He was okay on Tuesday but only because B.B. was taking them into the kitchen to eat breakfast. This morning she wasn't there so someone was filling in for her and he screamed! We hated leaving him but I know that he was fine moments after we left. Also, this afternoon we went to church and I tried to leave him in the nursery but he really didn't want me to leave him. I ended up staying in the nursery with him, which ended up being good because they needed help in there.

Anna started baby food on Tuesday, we started with sweet potatoes. She had been eating some cereal and had tried sweet potatoes earlier last week. She did pretty good eating last night and I think she is going to enjoy baby food. I think once she starts eating baby food on a regular basis she will not want so many bottles.

Caleb is still at his dad's but he will be home this weekend. He is actually going to enjoy some time with his Papaw tomorrow after his eye specialist appointment. I am praying that the patching we have been doing to his right eye has helped correct the vision in his left eye. The specialist told us two months ago that we were on the borderline of correcting this so please pray that we are still within that window.

I haven't really gotten a lot of sleep since we've been home. Saturday and Sunday night it was Nathan being really restless. I am wondering if he is getting his two year molars, though I have thought that several times over the last few months. Then, Monday and Tuesday night Anna slept really lousy after sleeping so well Saturday and Sunday. I am hoping that they will both sleep good tonight and wake up all bright eyed and bushy tailed in the morning. :)

I thought I would share a picture of the beach from last week. Enjoy!

Have a blessed night!


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