Monday, June 27, 2011

Great Weekend

Wow, what a great but busy weekend we had even with all of the storms and rain!  Friday we went to pick up Caleb during a storm and the pouring rain.  His brother and sister were so happy to see him and have him home.  As were Matt & I. 

Saturday we took the boys to see the new Cars 2 movie.  We got a sitter for Anna so we could spend some time with the boys and enjoy the movie as well.  We went to an early showing (10:15) so the theater wouldn't be so busy.  We were actually the first ones in there so got to pick the seats that we wanted.  We chose the seats in the very back so if Nathan wanted to stand up he wouldn't bother anyone.  We then went and bought popcorn for the kids.  Yes, we bought them popcorn at 10 am.  :)  The movie wss awesome and just as good as the 1st one, in my opinion.  Then we took all the kids to lunch at Zaxby's.  After Nathan's nap we went swimming with some friends from church.  All in all a great day with the family!

Sunday was super busy as well!  We had an awesome church service this morning.  After church the little ones took a nap so Matt and I made homemade guacamole and bean dip.  Once the kids got up from their nap the boys and I went to visit my grandfather.  We had a great visit with him!  Caleb and Nathan loved on him and played with him.  I think the three of them really enjoyed it.  It was great to visit with him.  My grandfather was always a special person to me. He loved me and would have done anything for me!  I have lots of memories with my grandfather all through my childhood.  He also loves my kids and thinks the world of them.  After visiting with my grandfather we ran into Wal-Mart.  Of course as soon as we got inside the store it started POURING!  It poured forever, so we ended up having to run out of the store in the pouring rain.  It rained almost our entire way home. 

What a great weekend we had.  Here is to hoping that this work week is awesome too!

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