Sunday, June 19, 2011

Lighthouse 2011 Continued

Wednesday - June 15th
What another great day! Today we went to breakfast then common grounds wile the kids went to flip-flop. We had great conversations with other parents and shared more of our experiences and how we handled cancer. It was honestly nice to hear that others struggled with times of little faith just as we did. We had an awesome lunch donated by Chick-Fil-A. Anna loved the cole slaw. :)
After lunch we decided to take the kids down to the beach for the 1st time since had been there. Man what a workout! There was an awesome tram that picked us up at our front door and took us across the street to the entrance to the beach. We then had to walk down about 30 steps to get to the beach. Neither Anna or Nathan wanted to walk so that mean carrying them down the steps then through the sand. Man that sand was HOT! Nathan loved the ocean though! Matt took him out pretty far and he loved playing in the waves. Anna enjoyed it too, just not as much as Nathan. We played in the water with them for about 30 minutes and decided to head back to the house to get out of the sun and heat. We all laid down and took a nap to rest from our trip to the beach.
That evening they had a special surprise for us for dinner. Dinner couldn't start until all of the families were there so we had to wait for everyone to arrive. The kids were extremely fussy waiting because they were hungry and it was hot. Dinner was well worth it though. All of the volunteers came out dancing with salad. Our family partners served us salad while some of the other volunteers entertained us. Nathan really didn't care for the salad but Anna enjoyed it. Then, we had spaghetti! Boy do the kids love spaghetti. We also had meatballs with the spaghetti. Nathan ate the spaghetti with meatballs really well. For dessert we had out choice of several different pies. Matt & I had peanut butter pie and Nathan had key lime pie. They were very yummy. After dinner a dance party erupted. What a blast watching everyone dance. :)

Thursday - June 16th
Today's message was God is in Control. What a perfect message for today. During breakfast it started pouring down rain and then a thunderstorm passed over. Just a great way to show that we aren't in control and that God is. The group my kids were in went inside and watched Toy Story 3 during flip flop because of the weather. The parents actually split up during common grounds today. The moms stayed in the house we were in all week while the dads went back to the house that we were staying in. It is a good time to talk about things that sometimes men and women aren't comfortable talking about with each other. We had a couple of moms there this week that were single moms when they were going through treatment for cancer. After lunch today we decided to take a little drive down the coast to let the kids nap; they didn't nap long enough though. We ended up going back to the house and watching a movie for a little while. Dinner tonight was going to be a low country boil so we decided it might be a good idea to run out and get something to eat since none of us would like the shrimp. We drove into Panama City and got appetizers at TGIFriday's. Tonight after dinner was the talent show which we always look forward to. (I never complain about the Lighthouse, but I was disappointed during the talent show this year). My kids didn't get a chance to perform. About 1/3 of the way through it they called Anna to the stage and I had to take her (the past two years a volunteer would take the kids to the stage so I could enjoy the talent show). I ended up spending 20-30 minutes behind the stage with Anna dressed in a cute little outfit in the heat and missed 1/2 of the show. They never mentioned when Anna's turn was going to be, I just stood there with her. When one of our family partners came back to ask if they could hold her I told them that Anna was hot, fussy and tired so I didn't think she would do anything and I thought it was best if I took her back out to watch the show. Nathan was never called to do anything but he was so excited to be able to go up there. From the beginning of the talent show he kept saying, "I want to go up there, I want to go up there." I was truly disappointed because I couldn't wait to see what Nathan's talent was. Like I said, I never have anything bad to say about the Lighthouse and I am sure that my kids not participating in it was an oversight because the Lighthouse is always awesome! After the talent show was over we were all hot so we decided to take a little swim before going to bed. The kids had a blast. They jumped off the wall of the pool into our arms over and over & would yell "again!".

Friday - June 17th
Today was going to be out last full day with the Lighthouse and we were going to make the best of it. Unfortunately Matt's back was giving him some trouble because we were constantly having to pickup the kids and carry them around this week. After flip-flop and common grounds Nathan & I went to the beach to play in the water. Matt & Anna stayed at the house under the air conditioner to stay cool. Nathan loved the beach, but after about 10 minutes in the ocean he decided that he wanted to go 'swimming'. That meant that he wanted to go to the pool. So, after all the work to get down to the beach we made the long hike back up to the pool. Nathan was such a big boy during our time together. He walked the entire way and was such a sweetie. I really enjoyed our Mommy - Nathan date. After Nathan & I got back to the house we all laid down and took a nap. (Yes, we napped a lot but that heat was brutal.)
This morning we were blessed to be given a book by one of the father's, Raymond. Raymond wrote and published a book, "Why Not Me" about his family's story of their daughter Bella's cancer. Raymond and his wife Shannah are incredible parents and their faith in God is incredibly inspiring. I highly recommend reading this book of courage, faith, love and hope!

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