Sunday, June 19, 2011


I just realized that I haven't blogged in over a year. I really want to get better about this so I can share Nathan's awesome story of survival with everyone. We have just gotten back from a week at the beach with The Lighthouse Family Retreat. What a blessing this week was and I will blog about our 4-5 days there a little later so everyone can share the awesome experience we had and the many blessings that we received. We truly saw the hands and feet of Christ.

A little update:

It has now been 3 years since Nathan's partial liver resection and I am thrilled and blessed to say that he is a happy, healthy, smart, active 3 year old. We are now going every 6 months for scans and blood work. Nathan goes in July to have an echo/ekg to ensure that one of the chemo drugs he received didn't damage his heart. We also have to go that same day for an audio-gram to ensure that another one of the chemo drugs didn't damage his hearing. We know and trust in God that Nathan will have no long term side affects from the chemo drugs that he received three years ago. Nathan now wears glasses, I was determined in April that he is far-sighted and has a little bit of a lazy eye. He is doing really well with his glasses and can see great now that he is wearing them. It is amazing that you really don't realize that he couldn't see until he got the glasses on.

Caleb just finished 3rd grade and will be moving on to 4th grade next year. I am so proud of him and the boy that he is becoming. I pray that I can raise him to be a strong, well mannered boy who will grow up to know the Lord. He is still doing well in his glasses. We are getting ready to make him an appointment with an Allergist to see what his is allergic to and hopefully solve an allergy problems that he might have. He is currently enjoying some quality time with his dad since he is out of school for the summer. I know that he is enjoying that. He has been going swimming a lot, playing outside and fishing. He actually caught a fish earlier this week. :) He didn't go to the beach with us this year, but it was his choice and I didn't want to take away from his time with his dad since he enjoys that. I feel that he is old enough to make the decision regarding that. I believe that one day he will respect that and grow up making the right decisions.

Anna, wow! A lot has changed with Anna since my last blog post. She is now 18 months old and ALL over the place. She started crawling between 7-8 months old and started walking between 10-11 months. She is now talking and can say just about anything she wants to say. She has the prettiest curly, blonde hair. She is extremely tall for her age and well advanced in her motor skills for a little girl that was born 6 weeks early. I don't think she realizes that. :) She loves clothes and shoes. Boy does she love shoes. She will take her shoes off and try to wear any shoes she can find. She does really well in Nathan's shoes because his feet are the closest to her size.

We are looking forward to the summer and spending time with friends. We are also looking forward to sharing the love of Christ through our family's story. Have a blessed Sunday!

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